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Welcome to The Kanji Foundry Learning website

   This is a self-study website for people wishing to teach themselves Japanese-to-English patent and medical translation. The Chinese to English pages are a work in progress.
   These courses were written specifically with undergraduate and postgraduate students in mind although they are applicable to anyone wishing to specialize in Japanese-to-English translation in these fields. Many British, American, and Australian universities offer Masters degree courses in translation and interpreting for people with language-related first degrees, but they offer little in the way of specialist technical, patent or medical translation. Even those courses offering patent and medical translation, don't always offer much in the way of in-depth learning. Courses at those that do are often very expensive.
   Why pay high fees for translation studies when you can teach yourself at a fraction of the cost? Why pay for expensive translation memory software like TRADOS or Deja-Vu when you can use Omega T free of charge? It is hoped that these e-learning courses will help students if they choose to specialize in patent and medical translation and want to teach themselves all aspects of patent and medical translation at low cost and at a pace that suits them.

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